Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Step at a Time

First off, if you haven't seen my giveaway yet, you need to head over to my last post right now.  I'm giving away three pairs of really terrific mittens.  I know some of you in my neck of the woods are wondering if there will ever be winter again, but I assure you, the weather will be cold at some time.  So head over and enter in my giveaway. 

I've been insanely busy starting my new job and haven't been posting (or eating or exercising) like I want to.  I had such success the first week of January and I wanted to continue that into the rest of the month and year.  I will get there.  I've come up with a strategy to do it.

I'm going to focus on one small thing at a time.  This week it will be going to bed on time.  Next week will be working exercise into my morning routine.  The following week will be moderating my intake.  You get the idea.  If I can use these tools to ease into healthy habits, I'll have it made!  Balancing work and life is important and I need to get a life.

So what healthy habits do you want to ease into?


  1. I could not agree more. I'm changing my lifestyle slowly but with conviction. Last year I quit smoking, now I'm working on my diet/lifestyle change. Once I get that more reasonable I'll start in on my workout routine.

  2. One of my coworkers has this great philosophy about having treats and other not-so-great-for-you foods. Generally speaking, she eats REALLY well (low fat, lots of fruits and veggies, etc.), so her philosophy is this: if you're going to go off-track and have a treat, it had better be amazingly delicious. It's not worth the extra calories/fat if it's just another mediocre cookie or only-ok brownie.

    I'm going to try adopting that philosophy--eat well, and try not to be tempted by treats that are only-sort-of-ok.