Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Plate

So one of the pieces of homework I had this week was to use a smaller plate.  I've been doing this the past two dinners and it does work.  Yesterday night I only had one small plate for dinner.  Tonight, while I did go back for seconds of stir fry (yum) I realized that I had eaten too much and one small plate would have filled me up if I had just waited a few more minutes.

I have a very hard time stopping once I've started eating, no matter how full I am.  I really think using a small plate is going to help me cut down on overeating.

1 comment:

  1. small plates + small portions do amazing things to slow us down and be mindful of what we eat! I'm glad you're doing your homework. I've been thinking about doing a challenge, where I stretch every meal to take 45 minutes. Just for a week. See if it changes my perspective at all.

    I'm glad you found such an effective tool!