Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weigh in results

I didn't post yesterday because I didn't get home until late.  I'm not pleased with this week's weigh-in, seeing as I exercised every day and counted my points every day.  I understand it though.  I went way over on my points almost every day even though I exercised a lot, it wasn't enough to balance it out.

I'm using this as a learning experience.  I'm going to keep focused this week.  I can do this.

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  1. Andrew!

    I have heard head coach Boucher of Tampa Buy Lightning (go Steve Yzerman!) has said a few things on goals, and effort, and execution.

    "Habit is not once in a while. It's every time." - Guy Boucher

    "You don't build on negatives, you build on positives" - Guy Boucher

    "trim things down to their simplest expression. That's hard to manage
    because you're focusing on everything else: how you're disappointed in
    yourself, what your coaches think, what the media thinks, what the
    people think. If you start thinking of all that, you throw yourself
    everywhere. The reality is it's a task. Focus on the task." - Guy Boucher

    When you can't see through the clouds, focus on fewer things rather than changing a bunch of things, choose 1 or 2 things, that you can do/practice really well, and do them well, and that will give you a chance to get through the struggles.

    Good luck, force that body to adapt through healthy food and healthy activity, it always responds.