Friday, August 29, 2014


I put off writing this post for five days because I got frustrated.

I thought I was doing things right and was sure I would lose weigh.

But I gained a pound.  Last week was an anomaly.  I ate out a bunch and was very sedentary because I was very busy with work stuff.  This week has been a little different, I've been eating at home more, I exercised a couple times (which felt great).  and I've had a more regular work-day.  However, I can feel my appetite starting to come back.  I've got to watch out for that.

This weigh-in taught me that even though being on Concerta is controlling my appetite, I'm still not going to lose weight unless I work to buck my bad eating habits and get out and exercise on a regular basis.

I'm feeling less confident than I was last week, but as long as I take away the idea that my meds won't make me skinny by themselves and maintain the idea that I CAN make the changes I need, I'll be fine.

Here's to making changes!

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