Saturday, September 6, 2014


A lot of cycles are negative.  After losing a bunch of weight a few years ago I stalled hard and got frustrated.  I started not caring about what I ate so I felt crappy.  I felt crappy so I didn't want to exercise.  I didn't exercise so I felt crappier.  I tried to eat my way out of feeling crappy.  Rinse, lather repeat.

But negative cycles can be broken and cycles can be positive.  I started exercising again.  I feel proud of my slow run so I control what I eat one day for dinner.  I feel a little more spring in my step so I go for another run.  I weigh myself and I've lost a couple pounds.  I'm more optimistic and motivated.  I order a salad instead of a burger when I go out.  I go for another run.  I have more energy.  I start noticing a positive change in my appearance.  And it keeps building.

You can turn your negative cycle positive.  Start with something small and work up.  Be proud of everything you accomplish.   First steps are hard, but each one you take is a foundation for a positive cycle.  

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