Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Back! Plus Weigh-In Results And a Work Out Pledge

I've survived the end of the school year and I'm back at it.  I was at my in-laws' over the 4th of July weekend and didn't have access to a computer so my blog revival happened a little later than I had anticipated.  But here I am!

I've exercised every day since Saturday but I'm planning on kicking it up a notch.  Not only will I be going to the gym almost every day over my break, but I'll also be running with my wife, Claire, in the evenings.  Over my spring break, I tried 2-a-days during my spring break and ended up overexerting myself so I'll be a little more careful this time.

Alright, let's see how fat I am.

254.9 - a gain of 1.3 pounds.  Ouch.  I deserved it though.  My 4th of July eating was totally out of line.  I'm taking this as a new baseline.  Let's see how much I can lose before I go back to school.

To get a jump on some serious losses, I need to do a new workout pledge.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, here's how it works:

You have until noon on Thursday to tell me how much I time I should spend exercising by doing any or all of the tasks I list below.  I'll probably use the elliptical machine, but I may mix it up on a couple machines.

Post a comment: 15 seconds
A simple "good job" or "good to see you again" is fine.  If you wanted to offer advice or ask for some, that's great too.  Every post counts, no matter how large or small.

Follow me on Facebook: 30 seconds
If you become a follower of 100 pounds in a year on Facebook, you'll add 30 seconds to my workout.  If you look to the right, you'll see a Facebook box.  Just click follow.  As of right now, I have 143 fans.  I will add 30 seconds for each additional person that becomes a fan on Facebook by Thursday at noon.

Follow me on Twitter: 30 seconds
Same as Facebook.  I often tweet things that don't make it onto my blog or Facebook.  My handle is 100_Pounds.  As of writing this I have 79 followers.

Subscribe to the RSS feed: 45 seconds
You'll have to let me know that you subscribed as I have no way of checking how many subscribers I have (that I know of).  Just email me or let me know in the comments section.  Use the subject "Workout Pledge"

Link to my page: 1 minute
Link to me from Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Digg, etc.  You'll have to send me a link to your link so I know that you linked to me and so I can check out your site.  If you linked to me last time, you can do it again too.

I'll be on twitter on my phone the whole workout.  You can join me live on Thursday at 4:00pm.

That's all for now.  See you all TOMORROW!