Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today at the gym I decided I was going to use my fancy new phone to get caught up on some of the weight loss blogs I read.  I downloaded an app called gReader and started reading.  The next thing I knew, the elliptical was beeping at me because my time had expired.  While reading worked well for cardio, it did not help in the same way with strength training.  My set breaks were much longer than they needed to be.  It did motivate me and break up some of the monotony of going to the gym.  I never thought I'd be able to concentrate on reading material at the gym.  I suggest you give it a try.

Reading all those blogs made me realize something.  It's a miracle that I've been able to lose as much weight as I have without keeping a closer eye on my intake.  So today I've started back up on the daily plate.  I always have trouble with the plate, but this time I want to stick to it.  When I'm on summer break, it's too tough to avoid snacking unless I'm logging all my food.

Tomorrow I may attempt to blog from the gym.  The operative word being attempt.


  1. Good luck, but I suggest focusing more on the workout, than the stuff you can get done while working out. Is it possible that all of us aren't putting in full effort into an exercise if we can read and type while we are doing it? I have been wondering about that for awhile.

  2. Is there a Daily Plate app? You should log your daily plate while you're working out on the elliptical!

  3. Unfortunately, there's not a daily plate app for Android. Yet.

  4. Wait wait wait... my being loquacious came in handy?? hahahah.

  5. Read during the boring elliptical, but focus on what you are doing at weight training. Rest periods are so darn important, sometimes you dont need to add weight or more rest, just focus on rest periods and you increase intensity too.

    If you had been losing weight without really watching your diet, just imagine how much and at what rate you'll lose the fat if yo do so!

    Just a tip: for lunch and dinner, make yourself a big side salad. Just free greens (as in almost free calories greens), salt, pepper and lemon juice/vinegar/balsamic vinegar. No oil. That's your bulk food. Almost no calories, and it's not something you eat instead of a regular meal, it's what you eat with your regular meal that might need to be downsized a little bit. I can eat a huge bowl of lettuce and celery like this along with chicken and pasta and feel full (or even past full) at the end of it, but making the main dish smaller you really cut the calores down.
    That. And I just downloaded the GReader app! Thanks for that tip!

  6. Thanks for the app recommendation...I just got it.

  7. :) Don't read during weight training. The optimal rest time is 1 minute or less-any longer and you will slow your heart rate down-which will lower metabolic burn and also lower the intensity-which will slow down muscle development.

    If you're not sweating while you're lifting, you aren't working hard enough!! It's tough to keep pushing yourself but if you do, you can really gain the muscle needed to speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster! :)

    I've also heard that reading/writing while on an elliptical can actually slow you down-which burns less calories. I would suggest that when you go to the gym to work out-focus on that, and only that!

    Does your phone have any calorie counting apps?? If it does-I would use that instead of the daily plate-At least to see how much more successful you'll be with it!

  8. Just found your blog, good luck moving toward your goals and congrats on your progress so far. I am tryng to lose 70 pounds myself and am half way there. I look forward to following your blog.

  9. I've tried to read and be on cardio machine...not for me.