Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weigh-In Results

I had a bad week.  I ate too much.  I didn't exercise enough.  I ate out about a thousand times and I grazed a lot at my sister-in-law's grad party.

I know I did bad.  Let's see what the scale says.

244.8.  A gain of 3.1 pounds.  This is unacceptable.  I know what I did wrong and know why I failed this week.  Things will be better now.  This week I'm going to be strong, exercise, and be just a little hungrier.  Starting now.  It's gym time.


  1. Hi, Here are some of your "highlights". Actually, low lights but let's see what can be learned from them. N

    "I had a bad week. I ate too much. I didn't exercise enough. 244.8. A gain of 3.1 pounds. This is unacceptable. I know what I did wrong and know why I failed this week. Things will be better now. This week I'm going to be strong, exercise, and be just a little hungrier. Starting now. It's gym time."

    "It's movement, but not in the direction I had hoped. Last week I weighed 241.5. This week I'm up 2.7 pounds. I'm mad, but not just about this one number.

    I have this feeling like I don't have control over my life. I have been stuck around the same weight for an entire year now, and while I have experienced plenty of non-scale victories since then, I still feel stuck. If there's candy, cake, or bad food, I can't help but reach for it. No matter how well I think I'm doing, I can somehow justify shoving my fat face full of sweets.

    I keep having a dream where my beard is shaved off. I'm not sure how it happened, but at least part of it is always gone. I always freak out about it too. I don't know what it means, but it always makes me feel uneasy"

    "I gained 7.1 pounds this week. Not good. I keep telling myself I'm at a plateau, but in reality, I'm not trying hard enough. I'm eating too much, I'm slacking on the exercise, and my motivation is in the crapper. I used to live or die by the number on the scale. This week I looked at the number and said to myself, "Yeah, I deserve that."

    The other night as we were falling asleep, I asked my wife, Claire, if I was half-assing this whole weight loss thing. She said yes before I could finish answering the question. I think I might actually be no-assing this whole weight loss thing.

    Yes, I've come a long way, but if I'm ever going to reach my goal, I have to get my ass in gear."

  2. We all have off days/weeks but I think the important thing is that you are back in the saddle :) and you faced the music (stepped on the scale) before it spiraled out of control..

    Now this just reminds me to face the music this morning :)

  3. Get back on track, don't give up what you want in the long run for the right now. Does that piece of grad cake taste as good as being comfy in an airplane seat will feel? Probably not. WE all struggle - it's gaining perspective and power from it and moving forward. I'm in the beginning of the journey, I know it's hard. Best wishes!