Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weigh-In Results

It's been another week.  My birthday came and went.  A job interview came and went, and so did the phone call telling me I didn't get the job.  I've been having a really hard time with the whole losing my job thing.  I haven't been binging, I've just upped the snacking and lowered the exercise.  My back is still in pretty rough shape and I just want it to feel better.  I have had some victories, however.  I went to the Minneapolis Pride Festival and refrained from buying any gross fair food.  I convinced my lovely wife, Claire, to bike to the gym with me instead of driving.  And I bicycle commuted into work today.

Let's get to that damn scale.

8'hh2.  Oh man, not 8'hh2.  Wait... turn your head 244.8.  Alright, that's not bad.  I came down .7 pounds.  At least I didn't gain weight like I thought I did.

This coming week is my last week teaching music at my current job.  My priority will be finding a job.  Hopefully, wallowing in self pity will be much, much farther down the list.


  1. Good luck on the loss - I'm in the same position with work, so I know it's not easy. Hopefully something opens up for you soon!

  2. Good luck. I was in the same boat a year ago. I used the time off to workout harder. It cleared my head and helped ease the depression that kept trying to invade my space. Please, please use the time to GET ON YOUR GRIND. once again, good luck.

  3. Excerise boosts endorphines - making you feel better. Plus getting fitter and slimmer makes you feel good too.

    Good loss - keep at it!