Friday, August 12, 2011


I woke up sore this morning.  Very sore.  At first I thought it was because I had two beers last night.  After my wife reassured me that I'm not that old, I realized that it was a good sore.  It was the type of sore that comes from pushing your body with lots of exercise.  I've been biking every day and I've been lifting weights, running, and trying out the Jillian Michaels yoga thing.  I have been active. 

I've also been eating like a hoover vacuum cleaner.  I don't know if I'll be able to shed any weight this week because I've been snarfing down everything in sight.  Well, it's not that bad, but with added exercise, I feel like I'm hungry all the time and eating too much.  Plus work is really hard right now and I've been stress eating a little.  I will get my eating under control soon.  I will get my eating under control soon.  I will get my eating under control soon.

So I've been doing Couch to 5k and I skipped straight to the second week because I only have 8 weeks to do the 9-week program before the 5k I'm going to run.  That hasn't been so bad.  I've been listening to Pandora on my phone during my runs and it's made me realize how much music can psych me up.  I created a station for Cake and while I liked almost every song on the station, it made me feel old because it was all music from when I was in high school. 

I need to create a playlist I can really get into, and I need your help.  What gets you to move your body?


  1. For working out, I like drum n' bass, recently getting heavily into dubstep ...I love it, but most people seem to really hate it.

  2. I generally have two different audio moods when I work out. I have my standard podcast/audiobook mood, where I usually listen to either The All MIA, The Morning Stream, Wait Wait.. Don't Tell Me, Radiolab, Death Gate Cycle (audiobook).

    I also have my music mood, where I listen to predominately early/mid hip hop like Jurassic 5, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Black Star etc... I prefer mid 90's hip hop because it's melow and slower paced, but still has a defined rhythm.

    The podcasts/audiobooks are nice to listen to when I just want to concentrate on something else. It's easy to get lost in the dialogue and not think about how much time you've spent exercising. The hip hop is nice because you can just concentrate on the exercise itself, the beat lets you push your feet forward and continue to keep pushing forward.

    I have a Grooveshark playlist I can leave you if you're interested in the 90's stuff.

  3. Sore every day. Ha. I know what you mean. Can't remember the last time it didn't hurt to just get out of bed in the morning! :)

    Musically, I don't have anything new, and I'm also looking for new music. I tend to like more upbeat/intense music. Everything from hip hop, electronica, trance, indie rock. Some personal favs: 50 cent, Darude (trance), Paul Oakenfold (trance). I'd suggest getting some music from the library - you can check out quite a bit and copy what you find you like. Oh, and Cake, can't have enough of that! Good luck on your C25K!