Monday, September 26, 2011

Weigh-In Results

Happy Monday everyone.  I was disgustingly sick last week, but I'm feeling significantly better this week. 

This is my first full week on weight watchers.  Keep in mind I was sick as a dog for the first half of the week and didn't eat a whole lot, so although I'd like to attribute a loss to weight-watchers, I think part of it probably came from yarking up any food I was trying to keep down.

Let's get to the numbers.

Sorry for the upside-down picture.  I guess I weigh h'1h2 pounds this week.
241.4!  I lost 8.6 pounds!  I'm going to chalk up half of it to counting points and half to being sick as a dog.  I'm back in a big way and I'm not stopping until I hit my goal weight of 196. 


  1. Awesome!! :) Weight watchers will help with your food consumption! Just stay active and eat right - you'll see the progress you've been looking for!! :)

  2. Way to go!! I'm inspired - I need to get on track too. MOM