Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesdays With Liza

A very good friend of mine and I decided back in November that we would go for a run together.  She works just a few miles from my apartment so she came over and we ran about 2.5ish miles.  Since then, we started making Tuesdays our regular running day.  Of course over the Holidays we got a little off schedule.  But we made some schedule adjustments and on Friday we ran 4.5 miles and have another run scheduled for Today (although my legs are still in agony from the last run)!  

Note: neither Liza nor myself are dinosaurs.

I have learned something very important from this venture.  Get a running buddy.  Someone who you get to catch up with while you're running.  Someone who will make you excited to exercise.  Someone to push you that last mile(s).  I run farther and faster when I'm running with Liza, though the last couple miles, without fail, involve me telling her I hate her and she needs to shut up.

Liza helps me in a big way.  I'm tremendously grateful to her for her motivation, company, and pushing me to run faster and farther than I thought I could go.

Do you have an exercise buddy?  How do they help you?


  1. I wish I did. I know from past experiences how incredible it is to have an exercise partner. Especially in the gym. I recently posted how I watched an episode of 'Losing it with Jillian Michaels' and how much I would love to have her abuse me in the gym for a week!

  2. I have a walking buddy, but it's currently too cold for our morning walks (she has a six-month-old and I have the two-year-old so it REALLY is too cold for us to take them out in their strollers...that's not an excuse...seriously).

    I cannot WAIT for spring or warmer days!!!