Thursday, August 8, 2013

How do I fix this?

I've been struggling a lot lately.  I've managed to gain back almost all the weight I lost when I started this blog.  I exercise a couple days a week, but not enough to make any progress.  My eating habits are abysmal.  
I feel trapped.  I feel stuck in some cycle from which I can't escape.  I know I lost a bunch of weight a long time ago, but I feel like I don't own that victory anymore.  That wasn't me, that was someone else who was able to focus on exercising and eating right.

Being a teacher, I thought I'd be able to dedicate my summer toward losing a bunch of weight.  That didn't happen.  I'm not any more motivated to exercise, I'm just more caught up on my Netflix watching.  I can't even get myself off the couch.

I weigh 292 pounds and can't help but think if I don't get my weight under control, I'm going to die early.  I'm going to have an uncomfortable and abbreviated existence.  That keeps me up at night.

So what do I do?  Every time I try to psych myself up to get on the right track, I fall off.  I give up.  I don't commit.  Something needs to change.  I need to fix this.  



  1. I'm sorry - regaining weight totally sucks. Being stuck sucks. I would highly recommend reading books that focus on changing your brain for weight loss, such as:

    Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen (she also has a blog with some great posts)

    Ditching Diets by Gillian Riley

    Fighting the Urge (ebook & audio recording)

    Good luck! And thank you for your honesty - it's hard to admit failure.

  2. Get back on the horse. I know- easier said then done. One day make one change then the next day do another change.

    You are only human and sh!t happens.

  3. i also recommend slim for life by jason helps to change your mindset a little bit. And as cliche as it sounds... why don't you take it one step at a time. don't focus on losing weight....for the month of August maybe try and pick one food goal......maybe eliminate one thing that you've been eating that's not good. or maybe even simply try only to eat 3 meals a day (whatever it is). focus on smal things like that....Good luck and hang in there!

    ps. maybe also check out some counseling

  4. Andrew,

    Having been in your shoes.....wait.....I am in your shoes. I have lost a ton of weight in the past only to gain it all back plus some. For the past month,I have been able to regain my focus by just taking one day at a time. Each day that I do well is a victory. Each workout, even if its a crappy work out, a victory. Choosing to note eat a snake after dinner (my bad habit) a victory.

    Just as important, I have been able to give myself forgiveness if I have a moment of weakness. I think this has been the key to keep me pushing this time. I am down about 6 lbs in the past month, not what I would like but progress never the less. I have another 135 lbs to go. One day at a time.

    Keep after it Andrew...