Saturday, January 25, 2014


I finished my fourth day of T-25 yesterday.  I did a lot of the regular exercises instead of the modified ones.  I'd say I successfully executed 50% of the regular exercises 25% of the modified exercises, and stumbled over myself 25% of the time.  I did the core workout and there were a few exercises that required me to make myself into a V with only my butt on the ground.  I'm not balanced that way and would rock into an upper-case L every time.  I believe my center of gravity is somewhere in my head.

Today is STATurday.  Yup, T-25 has all sorts of handy made-up words to help me get fitergized.  STATURDAY is the day I'm supposed to take all kinds of measurements of myself.  I didn't do my waist or anything last week.  I think I'll start that soon.  I haven't weighed myself.  Maybe I should do that now...

...301.6.  NOPE.  I'm not gonna let that fly.  

I've put in the time on exercise, but I'm clearly showing I need to eat better.  A lot better.  

This is, by far, the most difficult part of losing weight for me.  I need to come up with a plan.

What do you do to make sure you're eating the right food and not overeating?


  1. honestly, the number one thing that helps me is LOGGING my cals. it doesnt have to be exact but you should put everything in even if it's an estimate. Once i put in my exercise cals, and then i start eating some foods, it makes me ask myself if the food is worth it (sometimes i say yes - ice,cream) and most times no. I use loseit (app on ios and adroid) and have it set to lose 2lbs a wk (you can set it to one). I eat back my exercise cals and i find that if i look at it on a weekly basis (as in, stay within my cal range for the week as opposed to being superstrict per day). i have consistently been loosing between 1-3lbs a week. Nothing is off limits to me, but if i eat a 560 cal cinnabon, then i cant really eat anything else for it indirectly makes me reconsider coz it's cinnabon now and hunger later?...sometimes if i go over, i just exercise away what my excess was. it's not perfect but it's really been working for me.

    Good luck. and use your wife as support.

  2. For me, removing the junk in the house. Home is where I raid the cupboards most often so there better be good choices in there (especially when I'm in stress-eating mode!). I try to find foods that have "staying power" for me and stick to them. Meaning I know I won't be hungry an hour later or I can eat a crap-ton to fill me up without hitting the calorie budget too hard. I also try to portion out as much as possible so I'm not guessing during a "raid". Having pre-portioned options really helps for me.

    For when I'm not home, planning, planning & more planning. Trying to bring as many meals and snacks with me as possible so I feel I have better control over the calories. I make sure to include a reasonable treat (a small piece of chocolate or candy) so that it satisfies that junk food urge without going overboard.

    Also, I try weighing my portions as often as possible. This video inspired that:

    Eating out is tough. It's hard to avoid and it's easy for the calories to add up. I do my best to make good choices. When I don't, I ask, "What did I learn from this? Why did I make that poor choice?" I give myself an honest answer, forgive myself, and promise to do better next time by learning from the mistakes.

    All of these didn't all happen at once, though. It was an accumulation of small milestones. It's easy to get burned out so don't try everything at once. Master one milestone (work out once per week, for example) until it becomes a habit, and then add another (work out twice per week) until it becomes habit, and then add another (eat out once less per week)... Repeat. You're working on a lifestyle change. Commit to what you think you can manage without burning yourself out. You know what your threshold is. And doing something is always better than doing nothing! Give yourself credit for the small steps along the way. They are just as important as the big ones.

    You can do it, Andrew!