Tuesday, February 4, 2014


No, Shaun T.  I don't got this.

After a week off (hardly got started.  I know), I'm on my second consecutive day of t25.  My knees hurt and I'm shaky.  I found myself glued to the floor after a couple push ups.  I hope I can get my shit together before I fall apart.


  1. Andrew, I reached out to you a while ago. I live in Farmington, MN. I hit a plateau myself. Maybe we can work together and motivate each other? Let me know and we could work something out. Tom

    1. Holy Crap! Tom! I was just thinking of you the other day. Are you blogging anymore? How have you been?

  2. No not blogging anymore. Hard enough to keep up the diet. I did have surgery and lost 110 lbs. But still struggling to lose 80 more. But I have been better. Shoot me an email at tbrokaw_2000@yahoo.com and we can talk off line...