Friday, July 11, 2014

Writing Again

A lot of time has passed, and my last weigh-in was 303 pounds.  Ouch.  Total backslide and then some.

I've tried time and time again to be positive and optimistic, but every time I fall flat.  I've promised too many times that I'm going to be 100 pounds lighter a year from now.  So I'm not going to make that promise.  I'm not going to promise that I'm going to write regular entries in my blog.  

I will promise this.  I will try to be honest here.  Sometimes it will be venting, sometimes it will be planning, and more often than not, it will probably be rambling.  But maybe if I can get the negative out of me I can focus on the positive.  Maybe I'll even be able to change my life for the better.

Hopefully there will be more to come soon.  So stay tuned.


  1. instead of 100 lbs - why not try and lose 4 and focus on being under 300. one day at a time....and keep journaling

  2. Hey man, welcome back.

    I've recently started up again as well... Helps me keep everything in perspective sometimes.

    Good luck, I'll be reading!