Thursday, June 10, 2010

Muffin Tops and the Like

I went running again this morning.  I almost didn't go but my wife, Claire, made me get out of bed.  I'm so glad she did.  I've been so crazy busy this last couple weeks that I feel like I'm holding on to my weight loss goals by a thread.  I used to blog every day and now I'm having trouble squeaking out just a couple each week.  Monday and Tuesday were both excruciatingly long days.  We had a school field trip to the science museum at work which was much more exhausting than I could have possibly imagined.  After that, I taught a French horn lesson and drove to play practice.  I left in the morning at 8 and didn't get home until 10.  Ugh.

I only have about three more weeks until our Summer vacation at work.  Then I'll have some extra time on my hands.

I had a couple non-scale victories recently.  I took my wedding ring in to be resized because it kept falling off my finger whenever my hand would get wet.  The perfect time to have a ring slip off your finger would be when you're holding your hand over what is essentially a large funnel.

Anyway, I took my ring in and the lady measured my ring and then my finger.  She looked at me and said "two sizes!" in a kind-of-amazed way.  I went from a 13.5 ring size to an 11.5.  Hopefully my fingers will stay that size for a while.

I went shopping at Goodwill last night for some new skinny clothes.  I found a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts.  The shorts were really beat up but at least they fit.  The jeans are brand new.  I did try on one other pair of jeans, but they were skin tight (but they fit!) so I didn't get them.  It gets to a point where it's pretty ridiculous.  I never thought my legs were fat to begin with, but for some reason my body thinks that's where I should lose weight from.  I look pretty silly with jeans that actually fit.  And I feel like I have the world's biggest muffin top.

The last non-scale victory is one of my co-workers looked at me and said, "Wow!  You've lost a lot of weight!"  It feels really good to have people start noticing.

So now I get to go back to my very busy life.  How do you stay focused on your goals when life gets  busy?