Monday, June 7, 2010

weigh-in results

I just got home from play practice and I'm exhausted so this will be a short one.

I weighed in this week at 254.7. You'll have to believe me. I'll bust out the camera next Monday again but I'm trying to expedite this post.

So I lost 4.3 pounds this week. It's never fun relosing weight but I think my number from two weeks ago was artificially low. My wife, Claire, said this morning on our run (That's right, we had a morning run without anyone biffing on the sidewalk.) that she was glad I had a bad weigh-in last week. I was getting a little too big for my batches and was letting my diet and exercise slip a lot.

One last thing. I got new pants! I'm now rocking some size 36 jeans. They're my skinny jeans now, but in a few months, I hope they become my fat pants.

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