Monday, November 8, 2010

Weigh-In Results

Monday weigh-in time.  Let's see how fat I am this week.

Yup, it's a gain.  .8 pounds up.  However, I'm not discouraged.  I've completed two days of calorie logging and I'm going to do it again tomorrow.  I went to the gym tonight.  I'm on the right track, I'm just fluctuating a little.  I'm going to rock the next 20 days.

No more eating an entire bag of pita chips.  No more skipping workouts.  No more slacking off.  I want to see the 220s by 2011. 

Congrats Colleen for guessing closest to my actual weight.  Candy will be shot into your mouth at near the speed of light very soon.


  1. Healthy attitude....I had a gain this week but am not letting it get me down. Life (and pita chips) get in the way sometimes.

  2. Good for you on getting back to basics! I know you'll have a great week.

  3. Andrew, being in the 220's by 2011 would be so amazing! I know you can do it!