Monday, December 20, 2010

Weigh-In Results

It's been a week since my last post.  I always feel guilty when that happens.  I've been very busy though.

Things I did since my last blog post:
-Had two snow days at school.
-Put on an elementary school winter concert.
-Cleaned the apartment.
-Got a new computer.
-Installed windows on my new computer.
-Exercised by climbing the 5 flights of stairs in my apartment building 10 times.
-Went to the gym once.
-Started getting a really intense pain in my shins (probably from lack of exercise).
-Gained 1.7 pounds...

Things I didn't do this week:
-Exercise enough.
-Eat right.
-Make any attempt at counting calories.
-Pay enough attention to my incredible wife, Claire.

Blech.  Not a happy weigh in.  If you have any extra willpower, please send it my way.


  1. Andrew if i have learned anything from you or myself in my weight adventure it is that life has a tendency yo trip us up and get in our way. i have had a rough go of it last 5 weeks. gained about 10 of the 55 i had lost back. that said me and you are human and you know what we can do this. we can just get back in the game today and hit the gym. if we miss it on Tuesday we go on wed. just work on being consistent mate i know your going to do this. i have till June 19th to lose my 100. i was way ahead of the curve going into November got lost on my path lost my focus. i am rooting you on and know your will find your willpower and over come the obsticals in your way. be kind to yourself and keep looking forward not behind you. wish you and Claire a brilliant and amazing holiday season. 2011 is coming and this is when everything changes for both of us

    happy holidays

  2. This is a tough time of year for willpower - not to mention the snow is dragging me down. Who really wants to go outside in this crap?!?! :D

    Last week, I bought Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred along with some weights and a mat. I've been motivated because my equipment literally stares at me when I'm being lazy watching TV.

    If its on your mind to do better, than do it. You already know you're capable. You deserve it - but you also have to earn it

    :D Have a happy holidays!!

  3. You know, though, Andrew, the biggest thing to me is that you know what you want to do. Last year, it may not even crossed your mind. That's great!

    I'd lend you some of my will power, but I think it's a little defective, so I don't want you to have to deal with that!

  4. I appreciate the last note on your post. Thanks honey.

    We'll start counting calories, and doing better with the exercising.

  5. Have you tried using any kind of online calorie counter. While I was losing weight I used they have a vast database of foods (fast food, supermarket foods, etc) they allow you to create your own meals too and then save them, so if there is something you make at home often you can save it and then next time you don't have add each ingredient again. Also they have and Android and iphone app.
    I think what really would help is if you and Claire can do it together, motivate each other to go to the gym and eat right, also when one feels weak lean on the other to find the needed strength to say no to that cookie, or that second plate of food. Eventually you will get to a place where your body will be the one telling you that you can't eat that way anymore unless you want to feel ill for two days after :)
    Good Luck! Stay strong the next couple days!