Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Staying Awake

I've had two Red Bulls this morning and I'm still ready to collapse onto my keyboard.

Given, I have a pretty high tolerance for caffeine.  It's the reason I never developed a taste for coffee.  Like many people in my generation, I spent my adolescence medicated with a fairly heavy stimulant.  I'm not sure if the Ritalin is the reason coffee doesn't keep me awake now, or if I just have a natural tolerance.  Either way, I'm tired.

It's important when you're exhausted to be extra vigilant.  I want to put everything in my mouth.  Cake, chips, the stapler.  Today is a day I really need to count calories. 

What food do you crave when you're tired?  How do you stay awake?


  1. Drink a lot of water so you always have a feeling of fullness. that way, even though you feel 'munchy' you also feel too full to eat anything not worth eating.

    Otherwise, I crave everything! even things I usually find repulsive, like bacon (no judgments, please).. Sometimes it might help to eat smaller meals but more often - like break your lunch in half, eat half early and half later than you would usually eat lunch. That way, you feel as though your satisfying your tired hunger, but you're really eating the same but at different intervals.

    On my really tired days I try to socialize more, it's more stimulating and it helps pass the time faster. And getting up and moving around helps. - maybe something in your room can really use a good cleaning (like cupboards, storage room, etc..)

    I've found that ignoring hunger is difficult to do, but can have some great lessons. It's like ignoring a child when they are obviously being whiny just to get attention. Today, your stomach is a whiny child that needs to be ignored so it doesn't create bad habits. :)

  2. When I'm sleepy I crave...everything. Maybe not staplers, but pretty much any food. Lots of carbilicious things usually.

    I started calorie counting today. Are you counting yet? It's so annoying but I NEED to do it!

  3. If you're feeling sleepy and want something to munch on, apples are awesome. They're crunchy, so it helps if you've got the munchies and just want the satisfaction of chewing on something. Plus, apples are great at waking you up! I read somewhere that eating an apple in the morning will wake you up for the day better than a cup of coffee. (I don't remember where I read that, but it does work.)

    And apples are good for you. They've got lots of fiber in them, and they don't have many calories.

    Personally, I think it's kind of a pain to eat an apple whole. But I invested in one of those apple wedger thingies to cut them into perfect slices. And then you satisfy the "finger food" craving, too.

  4. I agree with Alexandra - finger food apples sound good! How about an orange?

    Drink that water!