Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've quit drinking

I don't think I mentioned this earlier.  I quit drinking until I reach 240 pounds.  I did this a couple months ago but haven't posted it on here.  It's been tough.  Especially since I brewed a batch of beer yesterday, but once I hit 240 pounds, the beer I drink will definitely be worth it.

Alcohol is not good for diet or exercise.  It's loaded with empty calories and dehydrates you like crazy.

It's not the hardest thing I've done to lose weight, but hopefully it will be effective.


  1. Seems like an attainable goal. That home brew will taste good in a few weeks.

  2. When I first started losing weight, I gave up drinking and I think it really helped me. Now I am at my goal, I drink, but I really try to keep it in check, as you say, it is empty calories and the weight comes back quickly if I drink too much in one week.