Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Undershooting the Mark (and why that's okay)

So my original strategy to lose weight was eat like a keto god.

Didn't work out that way.  A lot of the keto meals I was making cost more for ingredients and took longer to make.  Not to mention I don't have the will power of a keto god.  Yet.

But by shooting for that mark, I did something interesting.  I started eating like a normal person.  Normal Andrew CRAVES food.  Normal Andrew eats until he's uncomfortably full.  Normal Andrew feels like crap all the time.

Andrew who is striving for excellence has a quasi-healthy relationship with food.  Oh, I'm hungry.  I should eat a meal.

I say quasi-healthy, because I know I could slip up at any time and eat an entire Dairy Queen cake or decide that feeling good in the moment is more important than feeling good the rest of my day.  Or life.

I didn't get to the weight I'm at now by having a normal relationship with food.  I got to where I am now by being normal Andrew.  Eating too much.  Eating too much sugar.  Feeling like crap about my body.  Feeling like crap physically.  Eating more because maybe if I do I won't feel like crap. 

I have this problem in life.  I want to go all-in on everything I do.  I want to do be perfect right away.  I get discouraged when I fall short.  I need to learn to learn as I attempt my goals.

So I'm going to keep striving.  Keep working to eat better and better.  I want to be healthy.  I want to live a long, happy life.  And if I fall short of being a keto god, that's okay.  I'm a mere mortal, but one who can still lose weight by changing habits.

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