Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy and Beard Faces

Things are winding down a little bit.  I lost 6 students from my initial 13 so I can start biking on Thursdays again.  The weather, however has other ideas.  I just bought a pair of cycling tights online tonight to wear under my jeans and over/under my long underwear (I'll do a little experimenting there).  I've got to pick up a balaclava pretty soon.  I'm considering getting this beardhead.

I'd look so good.

I've been utilizing the gym a bit more recently because I realized my upper body was atrophying a lot.  All that cycling has given me amazing legs but wimpy, flabby arms and saggy man-boobs.

I'm pretty sure after almost a year, that's the first time I mentioned man-boobs.  Hmm... maybe I had bigger fish to fry.

I had a couple pieces of Halloween candy tonight.  I'm not doing as well at saying no to desserts as I was in the spring.  During Easter, I had half a Reese's egg and threw the other half away.  Tonight, I ate two peanut butter cups and wanted more.  It was easier for me to correlate my weight with snacks than it is now.  What's worse is now, when I'm getting less exercise, is precisely the time I want to be able to control what I'm eating.  It seems that the two go hand in hand.  When I'm at the gym every night, I remind myself how hard I'm working and I don't want to undo my progress.  When I'm sitting on my duff all the time, I think, "well, I'm not working as hard toward my goal.  I need to exercise more so that I can muster the strength to control my diet.

Well, I've got a weigh-in tomorrow.  See if you can guess my weight.  This week's winner gets a trip to the past in my own personal time machine.*  Good luck.

I have 28 days until I hit the 1 year mark.  Obviously, I'm not going to lose almost 50 pounds in that month, but I'm going to push during the month of November.  I'm over 50 pounds thinner than I was at this time last year and I'm going to keep this train moving.

*Disclaimer: I haven't built a time machine yet, but as soon as I do, I'll go back in time to pick both of us up and take us on the adventure of a lifetime.



    it is ALL ABOUT keeping the train moving forward.



  2. Your doing great, but until you past the winning post dont let up ...Be happy with what you have acheived but continue to reach the goal, you have come so far ...dont undo it

    todays weigh 239 !

  3. I'm going to guess...... 238.7

    Saying no to candy is extremely difficult!!! - especially during Halloween when it's put in a cute little bowl for you to hand out to kids..

  4. I LOVE that BreadHead. Hilarious, and not nearly as scary as the other ones.

    I also need to curb my appetitie! Ugh.