Monday, October 18, 2010

Weigh-In Results

Hey it's Monday.  I know I haven't posted for a week, but no regrets.  Actually, I have regrets but I want to look forward rather than dwell on my missteps. 

Let's get to the weigh-in.

Well, I lost .8 pounds this week.  I didn't deserve it.  I ate poorly and didn't exercise for an entire week.  I've felt crappy this week and spent a day home from work.

I find myself hoping this coming week will be better.  Hope is the wrong verb though.  If I want this weekend to be better, I need to make it better.

Make it a good week.  I'll do it too.


  1. Hey, I've missed a few of your posts and I know 242 is better than a month or two ago. Keep going, Andrew!

  2. YES!
    and if youre me VISUALIZE it better.


  3. Slow and steady :)

    I must say, without dwelling, that I miss reading your posts a few times a week. It seems the more consistent you post, the more consistent you are with your goals. :)

    And I blame the lack of sunshine anytime I feel crappy.

    Post Idea: We're not sure what your workout regime has been since fall set in; are you still running outside? Or are you taking it inside now???? Tell Us!!

  4. Be happy, down is down, anyway you can get it!

  5. I agree, visualization is the best tool EVER! And hey, .8 might not have been what you were going for, but at least it's something right? Keep it up!

  6. Keep going... you will get there. It might not be the loss you wanted but keep to the program and you'll get to your goal, guaranteed!

  7. You are doing great. Resist the urge to nitpick at yourself. Love the person you are today. You will be happier moving forward tomorrow if you do.