Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Goal

I ate at Chipotle tonight and I was famished.  I saved myself 300 calories and ordered a burrito bowl instead of a burrito.  I also refrained from ordering the chips and stuck with water.  When I was finished I was still hungry, but I filled up my water again and hit the road.  Great decision.  20 minutes later, I found I was full, but not stuffed.

I stole this picture from the Paleo Diet Blog.

Given my relationship with food, it was really hard for me to do.  That got me thinking.  Maybe my next 21-day challenge should be to eat without overeating.  I already (usually) do it two meals a day.  Why not make it every meal?  I don't think I eat unhealthy foods very often, I just eat too much.

So here's my plan for the month of April:  I'm going to stop eating before I'm full at every meal.  This one seems more habit-y than any of my other challenges.  I recently read that the difference between thin and overweight people is thin people have a better awareness of when to stop eating.  Maybe I wasn't born with that awareness, but hopefully I'll be able to fake it until I make it.  With any luck, this one will stick and I'll be able to get myself out of the slow lane.


  1. Great idea!!! :)

    And it's tough even for the 'skinny' people to stop eating when it's something as delicious as chipotle!!

  2. My favorite way to eat without overeating? Eating with other people. I eat a lot slower because I'm having great conversations at the same time. (Well, not literally at the same time, because that would be kind of gross. Between bites, though.) Eating slower = feel full faster = way easier not to overeat. Plus, you get to socialize at the same time!