Monday, March 7, 2011

Weigh-In Results (and Polar Bear Plunge Pictures)

Happy Monday.  Sorry I was absent from the internet this week.  At best, I was on vacation from a diet.  At worst, I fell off the wagon.  I really had a crappy week as far as eating and exercise is concerned.  I didn't go crazy or anything, but I ate a lot of fatty foods.  Chinese, pizza, a burger and chips (fries), buffalo chicken sandwich, etc. 

The one thing I noticed, however,  was my body really didn't like being fed crap.  I've had stomach aches and bloating a lot this week.

So how does all this factor into my weigh-in?  Let's see.

Sorry about the dark picture.  I forgot to take my camera off of ISO 100.

WTF?  I fall off the wagon and lose weight?  It's only 0.1 pounds, but it's still a loss.  I thought I was going to gain five pounds this week.   I'm glad that I didn't, but my behavior this week definitely doesn't deserve a loss.  My only guess is all the work I did the week before caught up with me. 

The really good news is I don't have any weight to re-lose. 

Now, as promised, some pictures of the Polar Bear Plunge that Claire and I did.

The blocks of ice they cut out of the lake.

 I feel so skinny in this picture.

We had about three seconds to stare into the cold, cold water.

Wait, was this a good idea?
Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold!
I look at these pictures and realize I've got a long way to go.  I'm still a chunker.  But I have made progress.   Here's what I looked like last year for the plunge just for comparison.

That's me on the left if you couldn't tell.

I'm back on board.  See you soon and make it a good week!


  1. WHY in the world would you want to jump into a freezing cold lake??!? WOW! That makes me feel cold just thinking about it!

  2. Awesome pictures!!! So glad I could be there for you two!!!! :).

  3. I just noticed your shirt says 'I have Trolley skills'. Love it!!!

  4. You've come a LONG way, baby! I see it! I'm proud of you. And you look good now, too! Just keep goin'!

    P.S. I've always wondered about Polar Bear Plunges. How does your body react to that sudden burst of udder chill?!?!

  5. Udder chill - he may not be as thin as he'd like but he is no cow!

    Congrats on a loss and the Polar Plunge fundraising!