Sunday, August 15, 2010


I decided if I'm going to move the scale, I need to think of ways to get more exercise.  My workplace moved to a new location about six miles away (across Minneapolis) and it takes me 25-30 minutes to drive there.  It turns out biking takes 35-45 minutes.  I tested it out tonight and provided I'm capable of using my legs tomorrow (I haven't biked in a while) I'll be bicycling to work tomorrow and every day after (weather permitting).  That means by adding an extra 10 minutes or so to my commute (each way) I'll be adding 70-90 minutes of cardio every day.  I feel that's a wise use of my time.  Plus I'm being green and saving money on gas and car maintenance. 


So, I'd like you to guess what my weight will be this Monday.  If you want more to go on, check out my cheat sheet by searching #cheatsheettweet on twitter.  You can guess via comment here, on twitter (@100_Pounds), or on facebook

Good luck guessing.  And wish me luck tomorrow on my weigh-in.


  1. 248.2.

    Cheeseburger in Paradise will bite you.

  2. 249!

    I just would like to give you a small piece of advice, if you're okay with that.

    I wouldn't recommend diving right into the 6 mile commute on a bike, especially if you haven't ridden in a while. I would do a couple weeks of maybe two or three miles a day before tackling the full 12 mile round trip commute.

    That's just my own personal experience, but its ultimately entirely up to you^^

  3. I agree with Esther, but I think it is a great move to start commuting by bike. Good luck with it.

  4. This is a great plan! Be safe. I'll bet if you leave yourself a little extra time you'll be OK.

  5. 249.1

    Biking to work makes sense. I've been biking all over Madison since moving here. I did 20+ miles yesterday just going from my apartment to campus a few times and biking to the zoo.

    Some advice: maybe bring a change of clothes because you'll probably get really sweaty (can you shower at the school?), don't build a whole exercise routine around this because it's going to be snowing soon and you wont be able to bike anymore, wear a helmet.

  6. You can bike in the winter in Minneapolis. We're voted one of the top 5 cities for bicyclists. Just dress for the weather!

    6 miles isn't that far on a bike-especially if you are able to work out for 30 minutes currently. I would just watch out for any big hills that could be a challenge for you in the beginning-but after a week or so, you'll adjust to those.


  7. Biking is a great idea! Make sure you bring water in case the weather is really hot & humid (quite likely)!

  8. No need to work up to the ride. I started bike commuting to work (5.2 miles one way) after a winter of zero exercise and poor health. You'll be fine. Second the helmet and change of clothes. Also check out googlemaps (if you haven't already) to plot a route on bicycle paths. You may find that, on heavy traffic days, you can get home faster by bike than by car.