Monday, August 30, 2010

Weigh-In Results

Happy Monday!  Let's get right to the numbers.


 244.8.  I lost .7 pounds this week.  Weak.  I'm not really happy about it but a loss is a loss.  Let's move forward and downward.  Esther from The Fox Trot guessed 244.2.  That's right, she wins Carl Kasell's voice on her home answering machine.  

By the way, I got the glass out of my foot.  I didn't have to chop off my foot (which would have resulted in a better weigh in).  

Coming up this week, I'll have a guest post by one of the organizers of 30 days of biking.  He'll tell you how you can participate (even if you don't live in Minneapolis).  I'll also have a giveaway to the tune of a $50 gift card!  Stay tuned!


  1. you know how you lose a bunch of weight in the beginning of your journey. Well, i thought of a way to keep losing a decent amount. What if you wore body weights? that way your body will think you're heavier than what you really are and you'll burn calories quicker...idk, its just a thought!

  2. It may be a small loss, but yes, a loss is a loss, and you gotta take them as they come :)

    Go you!

  3. Hey, Andrew, a loss is a loss. Just make sure it stays off, right? I'm really glad you got the glass out of your foot--this will certainly help you out, I'd say!! (Though the amputation might have been a nice instant gratification sort of thing...)