Monday, July 20, 2015


I've got a weigh-in tonight.  I doubt it's going to go well.

I've been stuck in a place a couple times this week where I haven't wanted to spend two hours in the kitchen making dinner.  The meals I've been eating taste great and are healthy, but take a TON of work.

So I slip sometimes and order out.  I had a burger and fries twice this week.  I picked up a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant for lunch yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still avoiding sugar like the plague, but it's in ketchup, it's in bread, it's even in dried mangos.  Hell, the croissant I had yesterday may as well have been a piece of cake.  According to Google, a large croissant has 8 grams of sugar and 31 grams of carbs.  That's white flour.  It made me feel super jittery. 

There aren't a lot of good options for eating out for someone who doesn't want sugar in his diet.  Subway's bread is full of refined sugar and flour.  Panera's salads are pretty tasty, but I wonder about the dressings.  Plus they have bread to tempt me there.  Chipotle has been the best for me.  A bowl with brown rice is not only delicious, it's free of added sugars and the brown rice is a lot better than white.  But I don't have much luck convincing Claire to eat there every time we need to just grab something.

So here's the issue.  How do I live when I don't have the time to cook for two hours?  How do I sustain the healthy(er) diet I've been enjoying when life gets busy again in September?  How do I eat healthy when I don't have the energy to cook?  How am I going to stay motivated when I don't see the numbers on the scale change (or see them change in the wrong direction)?


  1. Crock pot! Set it before work and it's ready by the time you get home.

  2. Make a big pot of rice or quinoa and keep it in the fridge. Scoop some into a bowl, fry an egg or two and throw it on top. Add a cup of spinach and some salsa.

    Keep peanut butter in your desk and a loaf of whole grain bread in the freezer at work. Bread freezes well so you can have a peanut butter sandwich whenever without having to plan ahead.

    Make a big chicken and eat it throughout the week on rice, in burritos, on sandwiches, etc. You can also freeze chicken so you could bake two at a time when you are feeling ambitious. No need to do anything fancy-- just do a light coating of olive oil and bake it.

    Oatmeal and fresh berries with almonds. You can get rolled oats (not quick oats) or make a pot of steel cut oats and keep it in the fridge.