Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New and Improved Blog

Take a look at my side bar. This is where you will now find my current weight and all sorts of ways I can mark my progress.

I'd like to institute a set of rewards, but I don't know what I should reward myself with. Any suggestions?

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  1. I LOVE that you are doing this Tralle! Very bold. :)
    Rewards are good. Isn't there some kinda "reward" where you get to put out a 10 pound sack of flour after you lose 10 pounds (or however much a flour sack weighs) as a visual of the weight you've lost.
    Sooorta-kinda rewarding... But a stack of 'em that added up to 100 pounds would be a real visual reward!

    Other ideas:
    -A new itunes song for your exercise playlist.
    -New running shoes/outfit.
    -Apt. w/ an alternative medicine Dr. and/or allergist. (I have a wheat allergy and when I don't keep it out of my diet my weight immediately and steadily goes up. My mom just found out what she's allergic to, stopped eating them and dropped 20 pounds. I think there's something to it.)
    -A Barnes and Noble and Starbucks date with your lovely lady.
    -A new movie or techy gadget.

    Good luck Tralle! You're at a very determined start! Rock it!