Monday, December 21, 2009

A Taste of Failure

It's been a week since I started my one-week push. Why haven't you heard from me in that week? Because I failed to get started. I made it through one seventh of my week just fine. Tuesday was when the trouble started. I was so occupied planning my concert, I didn't get to the gym. Same thing on Wednesday. I spent Thursday evening packing and Friday driving. Saturday was a "cocktail party" my wife's cousin and his fiancee. Holy delicious chocolate. I also managed to end my 365 self portraits project on day four. Needless to say, I'm extremely ashamed of myself.

What am I going to do? I'm going to reorganize and form a new strategy. Until January 2nd, my blog entries will exist primarily as a chronicle of how I survived the holidays. I'll start my 365 days project over again when I feel ready to commit.

I'd like to hold myself responsible to the scale so I could see exactly how much damage my sinning has done, but I forgot to pack it. So for all intents and purposes, I'm going to assume my weight is about the same as last week. I hope you don't mind.

Lastly, I found a couple of good weight loss blogs to help me through my journey. I'll write more about them later, but right now I'd like to talk a little about some ideas I stole from them.

I plan on putting up a 5 pounds at a time chart that I can cross off as I progress. I'll have certain rewards for myself as I reach certain benchmarks.

I found a weight loss graph called Skinnyr. I'll be trying to embed it soon so I can be more accountable.

Weight: 295
Pounds Left: 99
Weeks Left: 49


  1. keep the enthusiasm! It's hard to lose that much weight! don't overwhelm yourself with chronicling it, sometimes people are so distracting with writing about weight and what they want to do-that they forget to do it. :) so if you don't get to all the neat and nifty things to put on the blog because you're too busy working out or planning a healthy week of meals, your readers will understand. :)

    And know that you don't need to feel ashamed for falling off the horse during the holidays-for most people trying not to gain any weight is a struggle. Just focus on eating healthy. It's hard to work out with a tummy full of cookies!
    I'm still excited to read about your progress! Maybe by summer we can go roller-running together (I still don't like to run)

  2. Is there a 365 portrait blog happening too?

    I think that would be sweet to see. If you don't do it, maybe I will... last year my resolution was to paint more. That didn't last at all. This year I jokingly told my roommate that it would be to have more sex (its been 3 years)... then I thought about the failure of my last few resolutions... and decided that I should come up with a new one.

  3. I made it to day 4 of the 365 self portraits then gave up when the going got tough. I'll restart once I get back to Minneapolis.