Sunday, September 5, 2010

5k at the gym

Shortly after my last post, I made my way (by bicycle, of course) to the gym. I wasn't planning on doing much but when I stepped on the treadmill, the 5k button seemedto be taunting me. I set the machine to 4mph and 45 minutes later I was finished running 5k! Now I know I can run a 5k.  Here's what I looked like afterward.
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  1. Dope. You need to sign up for one now. I'm hoping to run one in either late September or mid-October.

  2. Do you ususally work out wearing a sweatshirt? Is that a tactic?

  3. Well Done, Way to go!
    Keep it up:)

  4. Biked to the gym, THEN ran a 5k. Rock on!