Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feeling Fat

I feel fat.  I feel like I'm neglecting my blog.  I feel tired. 

Some days I feel like I'm on top of the world.  I've come more than half way toward losing 100 pounds.  I'm rocking clothes that I wouldn't have come anywhere near fitting into a year ago.  I feel healthier.  I'm more active doing things like going to the gym and biking to work.  Going up stairs and walking quickly are immeasurably easier.  I look better too.  I'm definitely moving toward my goal.

But days like today are hard.  I feel like I'm neglecting my body and my blog and resting on my laurels.  I feel soggy.  I feel like I have so far to go and I'm frustrated.  I know I hit a standstill because of my own laziness and I don't like it.  I want to be motivated like I was in the beginning.  I'm disorganized.  I'm tired and overwhelmed.  I need a boost and I don't know where it's going to come from.

Where do you get your inspiration when you're feeling drained?


  1. You have a lot of fans - there are so many encouraging comments on this blog.

    That even inspires me to get more fit! I hope the support of your following keeps you going. There are a lot of people who want you to be successful!

  2. This is probably the worst advice, but when I'm drained and frustrated and don't want to anything that requires discipline, I just don't. I tell myself that today I don't HAVE to do anything. Usually boredom causes me to eventually get off my ass and workout, or clean, or read through some magazines to inspire me.

    Eventually I get back on my feet.

    Now here's some good advice: the inspiration has to come from yourself if your going to make lifestyle changes that stick. And yiu have to be your own boss and tell yourself to get back to work. You won't reach any goals in life if you don't work for them.

    :). It's a great day for a run!

  3. Something that motivates me (which seems entirely counterintuitive) is that it will never stop. I will ALWAYS have to make the right decision when it comes to moving my body and eating well. I'm not on a diet for a defined period of time after which point I will magically be able to eat crap and sit on my ass with no consequence...this realization helps me to see things in the long term and be more accountable to myself. Every small decision becomes part of a greater (or hopefully "lesser") whole.

  4. You've written a lot of uplifting and encouraging posts on this blog at times when you knew you were doing well. Maybe it would help to go back and read through some of those. Try to remember what you felt like when you were rockin' it- maybe your own words will convince you to get back on track!

  5. It's a natural part of life that what goes up must come down. You will have up days and you will have down days. It's totally ok and one day or two (or even a week) isn't going to amount to a hill of beans compared to the amount you've put in thus far and what you will continue to do.

    Something that really helps me when I feel overwhelmed (not just about weight loss, but in work or in general) is to take control by making some decisions. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control is re-directed when you take responsibility for something and make a decision. So, in weight loss, I have 145 lbs more to lose. That's daunting and overwhelming and there's not much I can do about that number today. But what I choose to do today will help me lose 2+ more pounds this week. I may not be able to control everything, but I can control some things and realizing that makes me feel better.

    You can do it! The sogginess will dry out. :o)

  6. When I have one of "THOSE" days, I tend to just look at other weightloss blogs for encouragement. Or I start to look at my overall progress - not the progress in just the last week or so, but where I was in the beginning and where I am now. That definitely helps. Most of us have those days, but it's getting up and doing what we know we NEED to do that keeps us going and losing.

  7. Think about your health! Think about the improvements in your health for the long run. Think about NOT being 39 and in the hospital needing heart surgery. All of us who love you want you around for a VERY LONG TIME. I wish I had your determination and motivation.

  8. Andrew, your post today really hit me. That's kinda how I've been feeling for a while. So much has been going on the past couple of months and the past several weeks I haven't been keeping up my workouts or my nutrition. Or encouraging others. I do the Body for Life program. It works for me when I work it. I was almost finished 12 weeks but decided to restart the clock.
    So I weighted and measured myself and noticed I'm in the same place I was in April. But I'm ok with that 'cause I've been able to maintain for several months.
    But I don't want to be here at the end of the year. So I'm re-focused.
    I guess it's one decision at a time Andrew. And if you really can't get yourself motivated, take a day off. Then get back at it. The worst thing you can do is to take too much time off. It's a lifestyle, not a temporary goal.
    Have a great day and I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm looking forward to checking more of your posts ....

  9. take a look at where you have been.. and remember how you felt with the extra weight on you... remember a time/place/event when you just felt at your lowest, that moment when you just went ENOUGH! I'm DONE! and then look at you now! Inspiring and motivating so many people you don't even know! Every journey has a few blips (life would be dull if they didn't!) and you are totally an inspiration! Deep breath ... take 5 mins to just relax and that soggy feeling will steam away!

    Doll x

  10. Man, Andrew, I have those days ALL THE time. :)

    So I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm not sure where I get the motivation to keep on the right track (and sometimes I go totally the wrong way), but I guess it's that I know that I've made some promises to my my "readers". Just keep that in mind: your promises.

  11. I was going to post something similar to Leiah. Look at yourself and what you've accomplished! You've come really far dude. Don't lose that motivation because of just one bad day. Keep with what you've been doing!

  12. I feel like sometimes, everyone saying lots of encouraging things just makes me feel worse (no offense meant!) I think sometimes you just need to wallow. Eventually you get so sick of yourself or grossed out from lack of hygiene that you do something.