Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick weigh-in

I was busy tonight so I have to give you a very quick update.

Every computer I've touched lately has malfunctioned in some serious way so I'm blogging from my phone.
I weighed in tonight at 245. It's a gain but I was expecting one. See my last post for details.

I got a new (used) bike. It's a Hosteler from not this decade. The thing set me back $25. It works pretty well though. All the gears work, the wheels are almost entirely unbent, and the frame is solid. I do need to tighten the brakes and raise the seat a few inches.

It's now bed time for Bonzo (and for me too). I do have a picture of this week's weigh-in, but you'll have to wait for me to blog from a proper computer for that one.
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  1. Not bad, considering....right?!

    And love the new bike--that should surely help move things along, huh?

  2. I keep hitting the thrift store hoping to catch a jogging stroller for my 4 year old, although sadly she runs better than I do. I think the bike looks great! :)