Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 3 and Improved Eating

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If you're a long-term reader of my blog, you are probably sick of hearing about my inability to count calories.  It's really amazing that I've been able to lose as much weight as I have without counting calories, but lately I've come to the realization that I won't lose much more weight without counting.  It seems I fail every time I try but that's changing right now.  I've always tried to log calories as I eat them, but today I have a plan.  I wrote down everything I'm going to eat today and so far I've stuck to it pretty well.  I allotted myself 2400 calories for today and it's cut out a lot of snacking.  I still get to have a bunch of almonds and a Weight Watchers ice cream bar tonight.  I do have to reign in the subconscious snacking (I've had to put back a handful of almonds three times today).  I'm really hoping this will help do some serious damage come Monday's weigh-in. 

It's day 3 of 30 Days of Biking and my thighs are burning with the fire of a thousand suns.  I'm excited at the challenge, but I can tell I'm not in the best biking shape.  Hopefully, that will all change before the end of the month.  Today I think I'll just be biking to the gym to get a nice arm-workout in.  Maybe I'll do some treadmill stuff if my legs are cooperating. 

Here are some pics from the 30 days of biking kick-off ride.  Enjoy!

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  1. Have you looked into using a Body Bugg? ( i've never used one, but have heard they're really good for helping you know exactly how many calories your body is burning, so you can plan your meals accordingly.

  2. Great pics. More people should be cycling. Cut out the snacking and keep up the exercise and you'll soon reach your goal.