Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, I didn't post last week - and not because I gained, which I did, but I was too darn busy.  Oops.

Sorry 'bout that.  But this week I did lose weight - 2 pounds!  February has not been as successful as January was.  I managed to lose about 6 pounds in the month of January, but only about 3.5 pounds this month.  I am .5 pounds away from a total loss of 10 pounds. 

I had wanted to reach the 10 pound mark this week, but with last week's gain I knew that would be tough.  Here's hoping I can make the 15 pound mark for the month of March.  It's ambitious, but if I work hard I think I can do it (or at least get close).  Thankfully March has 5 Thursdays, so it's only a loss of 1.2 pounds a week - very manageable.

As frustrating as this weight loss journey has been - a good loss one week, followed by a slight gain the next week - I have to keep reminding myself that it took years to put on this weight, and even if it takes an entire year to lose it, that's still better than SEVERAL years.

However, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my clothes this past month.  I have lost an entire pants size AND an entire shirt size.  This I am quite proud of.  I don't think I'll lose much more in the chest/arms to lose an additional shirt size, but I do hope to lose at least one more pants size, if not two more.

Here is where I have lost the inches this month:
Chest: -1"
Biceps: -.25" (each arm)
Waist: -1"
Hips: -0
Thighs: - 1" (each leg)

I have mixed opinions of these results.  I've lost the most from my chest in the past two months (-2.5") and I didn't really have much to lose there.  However, I am VERY happy with my lower-half loses of waist (-2"), hips (-1.5"), and thighs (-1.5" each leg).

Soon, I'll post another picture as a visual reference.

Thinking happy thoughts this week,


  1. That's right - several years to put the weight on is a very steady obstacle to overcome. It's amazing the two of you are so successful and dedicated.

    Please let the readers know which one of you is posting before we get to the last word of the article. Maybe telling us in the title would be best. Keep up the good work!

  2. I have to admit that the best part of losing weight, is putting on a pair of pants and having them:
    A) Fit comfortably
    B) Fit loosely. :)

    Keep working on it!! You're last picture reference had a HUGE difference and you were looking great!