Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks For Your Support

Thank you all for your comments on Monday's post.  I can be really critical of myself sometimes.  I spiral pretty quickly and it feels really good to have some encouragement when I'm frustrated. 

Shabby Chic Mom - Susie, Liza, and S all suggested doing measurements.  I did them a few weeks ago and I'll be sure to do them again soon. 

Amanda @ Diary of a Mad Fat Woman suggested I take stock of my calorie intake.  I'm going to switch from 2400 calories a week to 2200 a week and see if that has a measurable impact.  I'm also going to try to use the kettlebell workouts to supplement my cardio exercise rather than replace it.  I can see results with the kettlebell workouts, they're just not pushing the scale down.

Julia made a very good point when she said "treading water at least keeps you from drowning"

I have a much better outlook now.  I just ran two miles at the gym tonight and feel like a new man.  I'm going to do this.  I'm going to lose this weight.  I'm going to end this plateau.  I'm going to win. 

Thanks again everyone.


  1. I'm not sure why we are so hard on ourselves when we have slow losses. I do the same thing. I think it is because we are mad at ourselves for gaining all the weight in the first place to put us in this position. We really need to forgive ourselves for gaining X lbs and move forward. Hence, my blog name- Forgive & Forget the Fat.

    Keep moving forward!

  2. Andrew, that's the spirit! I would just change up your routine a bit and put different (new) stresses on your body! Something I'm trying to do right now, is add in additional "extra" walks if I can, on top of eating correctly and going to the gym. I think that will help too, plus it's low impact, so won't hurt or hinder your gym schedule.

  3. :)

    Another thing - when I was down on myself last week for being stuck at the same weight my sister said the best thing ever to me:

    "but how do you *feel*?"

    and, honestly, even though the scale hadn't been moving I could FEEL the difference in my body. I could tell that I was still getting stronger, and my cardio endurance was increasing. Next time you go up a flight of steps, think about the point where you used to be out of breath, and where you are out of breath now! I bet you'll notice the difference, and notice that you FEEL better!

  4. yeah, that's the spirit!! :)

    You have to force your body to change and the only way to do it is to keep working hard.