Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh-In Results

Right to the chase.

I lost .9 pounds this week.  I'm not happy with this at all.  I ate right, I exercised, I logged calories.  Something needs to change.  I need to be better at this.  I don't have a plan yet, but I will. 

I feel stuck.  I feel trapped at the weight I'm at now and nothing I do can really make that scale move.  I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew and no matter how hard I work I'm only capable of treading water. 


  1. 'something needs to change'... possibly your outlook on it? maybe you need a new source of motivation, maybe you need a new work out regime, maybe you need to turn all the numbers on the scale into little pictures to make it happier...

    After all this time and your hard work and your progress, you know better than anyone that a small decrease on the scale is only Just that. It has no reflection on you. It doesn't mean it was all worthless. Who knows, maybe next week it will drop by 4 or 5 pounds.

    also... treading water at least keeps you from drowning.

  2. I agree with shaking things up a bit. Also, how are your clothes fitting. If you don't do measurements maybe do so once a month. You're not treading water, you're head is up and you see the finish line!!

  3. Don't give up,keep on rolling. You've made great progress so far. Are you exercising intensely? Could you step it up? Are you drinking enough water? If everything is all on track, keep on.

  4. Some weeks i lose 4lbs, and then maintain the next week. I love the 4lbs loss weeks, but i am always expecting a non-loss the next week when i lose big. I agree with everyone else, step up the exercise and see how it goes. Don't get down, just shake-up your attitude!

  5. Don't beat yourself up..I went 3 weeks without losing much of anything. It seemed if I dropped a pound or two it would be back on the scale within a day or two. Like @Shabby said "how are your clothes fitting. If you don't do measurements maybe do so once a month." Those are two great indicators of whats really going on. Don't give up, try something new - maybe a higher carb day, if you do long sessions of cardio try a HIIT session, try kettlebells, try yoga - your body and brain might appreciate the change up.

  6. I agree with Julia.

    Sometimes the best way to accomplish anything is to not focus on it so hard, keep doing what you're doing, and things will happen - but not always when you want them to. You are obviously hitting a plateau that has been a struggle to get through. Accept it, and keep moving forward. Seriously think about the last time you weighed under your current number. If it's been a decade, then it's just been that long that your body has become accustomed to being this size. It takes time, but perseverance always pays off for those who fight for it!!!!

    (I always ask this - have you taken measurements? - this can have greater meaning than a number on a scale in times like these.)

  7. Don't let the pounds get you down. I hit a plateau myself. So I changed my caloric intake (turned out I was eating 230too much each day), reduced the amount of carbs in the intake and added more lean proteins, and changed up to some dynamic/plyometric exercises in place of 2 days of strength training. It paid off, and I dropped 3lbs this week.

    I think its really about listening to your body and the scale, and then making small changes to keep you going. Sometimes you'll hit a wall, but eventually you'll get past it if you keep trying!

    You're an inspiration, and reading your blog really helps to keep me motivated - just so ya know!


  8. Yeah dude. What they said. You're losing weight, lost a LOT of weight, are way healthier, etc, etc, etc.

    You're doing GREAT - some weeks just aren't going to be the best, others will surprise you. Hang in there!