Friday, June 19, 2015

Foot Update

Last week I was complaining a lot about my feet.  They hurt all the time and I can barely stand when I get up in the morning.  Well, I made a leap and finally bought insoles to try to correct the problem.

I went to a CVS nearby that has one of those kiosks where a bunch of sensors and there's a big computer thing that tells you your fortune.

Just kidding.  It tells you which expensive insole you should buy.  Turns out I'm a CF 440.  I have low arches and I'm fat, so that's the one need.

I slipped them into my shoes on Saturday.  Since then I have to say I've felt a noticeable change in my feet.  They feel a little stretched out sometimes because there's a lot of arch support and my feet aren't used to it.  But overall, the pain I feel has gone way down.  I was wearing a knee brace last week because my knee really started bothering me, probably due to how I was walking.  But now I only wear it as a precaution when I'm doing physical activity.

My feet are nowhere near 100% yet.  But they feel a lot better.

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