Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Weighed Myself

So Sunday night I stepped on the scale.  Sigh...

My weight was 312.9.  Do not like.

I know, this isn't a journey that's going to be traveled in a week, but I was hoping I'd be able to chip away a little at my weight just by making smarter choices.

I could beat myself up and tell myself nothing I do will change that number, which I know isn't true.  I am beating myself up though, so I need to redirect.

Here are a couple reasons why the scale said what it did. 
  • I didn't take a before weight.  I was going on memory from a couple weeks ago when I said I weighed 312.  I could have weighed 315 pounds last week for all I know.
  • I weighed myself without consideration for what time of day it was and when I ate.
  • I was wearing a lot of heavy clothes, which I may not have the last weigh-in.
These aren't excuses.  They're variables I need to get better at.  The scale is a cruel, inconsistent bitch.  If I minimize some variation, I can make things a little more consistent so I'm not torturing myself.

I'd like to focus on a non-scale victory.  I feel good.  I'm not bogged down by heavier foods and I'm getting my baggage out of my brain and onto the internet.  For now, things are pretty good.

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