Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Point of No Return

Last night I left work insatiably hungry.  I tried to tide myself over until dinner with a meal bar.  That made me hungrier.  I'm pretty sure those things are designed to make you want to eat the whole box.  Granola bars are just candy bars that disguise themselves as being healthy.

"Hey let's mix some fiber powder in with this candy bar, we'll call it healthy!"

After that, I ate and ate and didn't feel full.  It wasn't until I stuffed myself at dinner that the voice in my head telling myself I was hungry shut up.  Stupid voice.

At this point I was overstuffed, but I still wanted to eat more.  My wife, who stopped when she was full like a sane person, asked me how I could even want to eat when I was uncomfortably full.

I thought about it for a while.  I wanted more of the feeling I had when I was eating.  It was so satisfying to shovel food in my face after being hungry for so long.  I just wanted to keep going.

THIS IS MY PROBLEM.  I don't know how to start teaching myself to stop eating when I'm full.

1 comment:

  1. i think you should seek outside help. You can't do this on your own and there's clearly something mental going on. There's a lot with food addiction and brain chemistry - it's not all about "will power" so I really think you should if you can. You clearly WANT to lose weight and you try but there's more support you need.