Friday, June 17, 2016

Oh No!

So H has taken to saying "Oh No!" every time she drops something/spills something/sees something fall/something goes wrong/is sitting peacefully in her crib by herself.  Usually accompanied by hands on cheeks Home Alone style.  It's become the default expletive in our household.  Claire drops a spoon on the floor?  "Oh, No!" H shuts off the TV while playing with the remote? "Oh No!" I miss when throwing my clothes in the hamper? "Oh No!"

I had an Oh No! moment on Wednesday.  I biked to work.  That is to say I biked most of the way to work.  About 4 miles into my 5 mile commute, I broke the chain on my bike. 

Okay, Andrew.  You've got about a mile to go and you have a non-functioning bicycle.  What should you do?

I pondered this question for a couple minutes and formulated a plan.  I would push my bike up the hills, ride my bike down the hills, and stand on one pedal and treat my bike like a scooter on level ground.  I realized several things.

1.  My ankle does not like it when I put all my weight on it and ride my bike like a scooter. 
2.  I desperately needed air in my tires.  When every second counts, you realize quickly what's slowing you down.
3. I need a chain tool to carry around on my bike.

By some miracle I was only 5 minutes late to work.  I teach drum line at summer school.  The class next door is doing bike repair.  I know, awesome, right?  All the classes at my summer program are awesome.  So over lunch I ask the bike repair teacher if he has a chain breaker.  He doesn't.  But he should.  So over prep I borrow another teacher's car and drive home, get my own chain breaker, drive back, and repair my chain.

With about two minutes to spare, I run down to the staff bathroom with possibly the greasiest hands I've ever had and destroy the sink.  I try to wipe it down the best I can with paper towels, but I think I have to do something nice for the building engineers now.  I'm sorry.

I run back up, teach my final class of the day, fill up my tires with a pump from the bike repair class, and bike home without incident.  Other than running into two former students skateboarding down the bike path and chatting a while.  Sometimes Minneapolis feels more like a small town than a big city.

Here's the moral of my rambling story.  Whether you drive, walk, bike, skateboard, or blimp to work, something could happen to you.  Be prepared.

I just ordered one of these:
Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function, Gold)
I still burned over a thousand calories!

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