Thursday, June 16, 2016

Where I've Been

With the exception of one quick post, I've been absent from my blog since the fall.  I'm starting to think that blogs aren't a thing anymore.  But this isn't about what's trending.  This is about what works for me, and the blog format is one that seems to work.

A lot's happened since the fall.  I finished up another school year and started teaching summer school.  Claire and I bought a house.  H is 18 months old.  And I gained 10 pounds.

This school year was a doozie.  Typically after the spring concert, things wind down a little for me.  Not so this year.  Every day was go go go.  Ending a school year is kind of like crash landing a plane.  There were grades to get done and students to test for band next year. It seemed there wasn't enough time to do everything that needed to get done.  Until it was all done.  Then I started training for summer school the next day.

I sprained my ankle pretty bad about six weeks ago.  I had some gnarly bruising.  I can't seem to find a picture to gross you out with though.  You're loss I guess.

I was barely mobile for about a week.  Limping all over the place.  Finally the swelling went down and most of the pain went away.  The ankle still hurts, but I can do almost everything I could before on it.  I'm planning on seeing my chiro about it soon.

My feet still ache overall, but they're so much better than they were last year.

H is 18 months old and AMAZING!  She's walking and talking and generally being awesome! 

We bought a house!  We put in the offer in February and Closed in April.  For about a month after close things were pretty nutty.  The process of painting, moving, and unpacking was insane.  We were up late working on things almost every night for about a month trying to make this house we bought feel like home.  Now it does.  However, home ownership is an ongoing process and we've got a series of larger projects to set our sights on now.

And I gained ten pounds.

I see it as a victory.  I lost about 30 last summer.  A backslide of 10 is easy enough to recover from.

I'm ready.  Let's do this.

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