Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where I Am

So I told you where I've been.  Today I'm going to talk about where I am.

I'm at Franklin Middle School in Minneapolis teaching drum line.  It's fun, but it's definitely harder than the guitar class I taught the last two years.  It's summer though and I've just gone from working 50+ hours a week to 24.  Not bad at all.  I get time with family and time to focus on my health.

I'm also at 292.2 on the scale as of last Monday.  I'll do a new weigh-in tomorrow when I talk about where I'm going.

I'm happy with 292.2 as a starting point.  Last summer I started at 312 pounds.  I'm still down 20 from that so even though I've gained back 10 from last summer's low, I'm treating it as a win.

Finally, I'm ready.  Ready to change my diet.  Ready to change my exercise.  Ready to be healthy.  Let's see how far I can go this summer!

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