Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beware of Puns

I've been feeling overwhelmed as of late.  I've had a lot on my plate (while trying to have less on my dinner plate) recently.  Whenever this has happened in the past, I've coped by eating.  I'm trying very hard not to make the same mistake this time.  Then there's my inner critic; a voice in my head telling me I'm never going to make my goal.  My inner critic knows when I'm feeling most vulnerable and knows exactly when to strike.  He always leaves me with a sinking, defeated feeling.

In order to succeed I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.  This is always a challenge.  There's a reason I weighed over 300 pounds a year ago, I don't like to be challenged.  Why?  Because I'm afraid I will fail.

I'm also afraid to make sacrifices.  I need to start by making snackrifices (I'm hilarious) and really watch my intake.  I've already given my weight loss journey a large amount of my time.  I need to make sure that time wasn't wasted (waisted?)  While I don't need to give up the foods I love, I have to cut way back on the unhealthy ones.  I don't think that's completely gotten through my thick skull yet.  I'm working at it, but eating right is something that pushes me way outside my comfort zone.

I should start a list of things I should probably do without.  One of these things is second helpings.  I try to stay away from buffets because they always end in disaster.  A friend of mine recently gave me a really good tip to help with buffets and family style eating.  Only go up once.  Fill your plate and then be done.  How many times have you eaten at a buffet and thought afterward, "I'm so glad I went up for a second helping"?  Never.  I always regret stuffing my face at a buffet.  I'd be willing to bet you do first.  I should probably do without second helpings in general.  Eat until you're no longer hungry, not until you're full.


  1. Please stop "should"ing on yourself. You made mistakes in the past. Now is the time to start anew. Don't do things 'cause you "should" or "shouldn't" but rather because YOU made a concious decision to do/not do. Don't ever let food just happen to you. Regardless of whether it's "good" or "bad" just start with the realization that all of it, every last bite, is under your control. Food is not a sentient being, you are. Focus on the foods you love/enjoy that are also good for you. Focus on what you can eat, rather than on what you "can't". Begin to understand that you eat that salad/vegetable/lean protein/fruit/yogurt because it provides energy and nutrients that fuel and protect your body, not because you are punishing yourself or rectifying past mistakes. Eating well is no sacrifice, it's a feast.

  2. If I got to a buffet -- I always start with a plate of salad. You know how they give you a large plate for the main course, and a small plate or bowl for the salad. I take the large plate to the salad bar, eat that...and then see how hungry I am. I take the smaller one and get a small piece of steak, chicken, or fish with a vegetable. Works like a charm.

    Also - "snackrifices" "waisted" -- you kill me.

  3. I was going to recommend that you stop eating out. Just say no to getting a quick meal and say yes to preparing something you know exactly what it took to make it....But then I read somewhere that people will actually eat more by eating in (I'm not sure if i believe this..)..?

    Either way, I think you are beating yourself up a little bit here. (I also read this somewhere) I heard that if you give yourself a list of 'things you can't have' you will have a harder time sticking to it. Every time time you'll want something on that list, you see it as a negative and then failure if you give in. Instead, make a list of things you SHOULD be doing and then write down HOW you will successful master this list.
    Esxample: On my plate should be mostly veggies, then meat, and very little carb/fat. I will accomplish this by putting the most important and healthy food on my plate first. And then not go back for seconds, I will slowly enjoy every bite.

    This way, when you accomplish something on the list, you will feel successful and more likely to continue it. :)

    As far as your inner voice....He sucks! You've already accomplished so much and its realistic that your body is fighting your attempts while at the same time needing you to work harder to accomplish what you want. Think of the little steps-running 2 minutes longer, cutting back 50 calories...Babies don't just start walking one day, first they need to learn how to crawl. :D

  4. I love your pun term: snackrifice. I think I might start using it. Really!

    I think it's a good plan to only have one plate. And buffets? Yeah, they're dangerous.

    And while I appreciate Anonymous's comments, and know they're right, I think it downplays the effect that food can have on people. Yes, eventually we all can get to where we enjoy eating the healthy stuff (I'm close, I think), at first we have to tell ourselves, "I shouldn't" and eventually that will change to "I don't really want to" But that takes time.

  5. I have found that I do better if I plan ahead and pick things that I am going to order AHEAD of time (by looking at the nutrition facts online). I can't give up going out to dinner because I love it :)
    Honestly once you look at the fat and calories in some of the things you used to order you will be sick. You may be like me and just not have known that a plate of nachos have 60 grams of fat in them! But be proud of yourself for making a better choice!! Applebee's and Chili's both have healthier, tasty choices if that helps.
    Keep up the good work and BE PROUD OF YOUR SELF TODAY :)

  6. Andrew,

    Everyday presents a new challenge when you are making a major change in your life. Everything about you wants to stay the same. When you chosen to lose 100 pounds in a year, there will bumps on the road. There are usually more in the you know.

    When these conscious decisions not to load up at buffets (as but one example) become habits, you've got the system working for you to lose weight on your behalf.

    Keep working on the system to do your weight loss for you. Doesn't that sound nice?


  7. Really liked Liza's comments. I should read them often.

  8. man, I am all too familiar with that inner critic. Some days she just haunts me.

    I really liked beej's observation that the "I shouldn'ts" turn into "I really don't want to". For me, my biggest "shouldn't" was soda. I forbid myself from having any of it. Not even a drop, just quit cold turkey. That worked for me and here I am five months later and guess what? Now, I don't WANT any.

    There is no cookie cutter way to be successful here. We all have to choose the path that works for us and it sounds like you're doing just that. Hang in there!

  9. I know this is a couple days late, but I was re-reading some comments, and Liza's comment about filling up her plate with veggies reminded me of something. Have you ever thought about using a portion control plate?

    Okay, I know it sounds really cheesy, and the only reason I know about them is because my work sends them out to people who sign up for the Healthy Weight coaching program. But they might help as a reminder of what you should be eating (versus what not to eat) until it just becomes habit for you.

    Half the plate is green and says "Veggies", 1/4 is red and says "Protein", and the final 1/4 is yellow and says "Starch". Reminds me a bit of a little kid's dinner plate, all colorful and fun.