Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Potlucks

So today I faced some serious peril.  Two potlucks in one day.  We had our work potluck and our church choir potluck.  There was some serious food at these. 

I think I did pretty well.  I shared a plate with my wife, Claire, at dinner.  we had dessert, but didn't stuff our faces by any means.  I did alright at lunch too. 

I've been super-busy lately and in order to establish a better balance in my life, Claire and I decided I'm going to have a 10:00 bed time for the computer.  I'm a huge dawdler and always stay up way too late.  Plus right before bed is usually conversation time for a while until we wind down and go to sleep.  So I'm going to try to get my blog done earlier, but it may not happen some nights.  I'm still going to try for every day, but if I haven't posted anything for a while, it doesn't mean I've given up on my health. 

I will not miss a Monday night weigh-in, however.

Anywho, not much of a point to this post.  Have a great Thursday everybody.