Wednesday, May 5, 2010

World's Lamest Giveaway Results

So I had 20 entries in the World's Lamest Giveaway.  The winner gets the "talking" pedometer; a modern marvel with a dead battery (or it might be broken, I'm not sure).

Thanks to Body by Pizza (who would have won, had she not requested not to be entered), I used the random number generator at to randomly select a random number 1-20. 

The result was 7.  And the winner was:  Anonymous.  With this entry.

Wow random

It might say "instead of undertaking this pedometer project you should go exercise, count calories, plan meals, or clip the pedometer on and see how much you walk in a day"

I wish I knew who you were so I could give you the pedometer.  But you posted anonymously.

The next result was 13.  The winner this time was: Anonymous.  Seriously people, when you post in a contest, make sure you leave your name or a handle so I can give you your prize.  Here was entry 13:

I wonder if it comes with a snooze button, or if you would have to throw it across the room? 

Let's try this one more time.  Entry 2.  Alright!  We have a winner!

Seth said... my brother was needing one. this would be great for him! ha! Sign me up -- that's why I want it. 

Alright Seth, just email me your address here and I'll get this thing in the mail as soon as I can.   

Thanks everyone.  This was fun.  I'll try to do a new World's Lamest Giveaway soon.  Any what I should give away for the next one?