Monday, May 3, 2010

Weigh-In Results

I spent this evening at the gym doing most of Mr. Scott's weight lifting routine.  There are a couple exercises I'm not quite sure how to do.  I think his plan was to keep me in the gym for a long time so I wouldn't be tempted to eat anything.  But the joke's on him.  I brought ice cream! 

Totally kidding.  Sadly, there was no ice cream at the gym tonight.

It's Monday and that means results.  Weigh-in results that is.  So let's get to it.

Yusss!  Another good week on the scale!  I lost 2.9 pounds, bringing me back to uncharted territory.  I'm lighter than I've been in 5 years!  I've lost a total of 35.8 pounds so far.  I'm stoked about this loss.  This means I only have 11.2 pounds left in my May push.  If every week's weigh-in for the next month is as good as tonight's, I'll see 249 pounds by June 1st. 

It's been a month since I first took my measurements.  That way, I can see what the scale may not be telling me.  Let's take a look.

If you recall, I weighed 265 pounds the last time I took my measurements (to be more accurate, my wife, Claire, took my measurements).  So it's only about 5 pounds difference between the two times I measured.

Here's how I did:
Neck 19" [no change]
Shoulder 54"  [-3/4"]
Bicep 15" [-1"]
Chest 49" [-1 1/4"]
Waist 49" [-2"]
Hips 43" [-3 1/2"]
Thigh 24" [- 4 1/2"]
Calf 18.5" [no change]

I was surprised by how much parts of me changed.  I'm having trouble believing some of them (thigh especially) but I'm going to accept them, be proud of them, and put my measuring tape away for another month.

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  1. Nice loss. That has to feel pretty good. I'm probably not going to recognize you by the time I return to the States in mid-July.

  2. Have you reduced your sugar consumption much? I haven't eaten any added sugar in the last two weeks and it seems to be helping with my appetite a lot. I've generally not been hungry outside of meal times.

  3. Yay!!! Doesn't those measurements make 5 pounds seem like such a big deal!! :) The scale doesn't always tell you everything!! I'd love to know what you've lost (in inches) since you started this journey! :)

    I agree with the comment about sugar , once its not something your body craves, you aren't anywhere near as hungry as you usually are! (by sugar I mean processed, this doesn't include fruit!) :)

  4. Way to go! Great inches loss for the month.

  5. Wonderful loss. Keep it up. You are really focused and determined and I'm positive you'll be down to 249 by June 1st. We're close in our goals for the month. My hope is to be down to 248 by June 1st so that I'll have lost 100 pounds by my b-day (which is June 1st). This morning's weigh in was 262. 14 pounds. I think it's tough but I'm going to work my proverbial A$$ off.

    I found your blog through Tyler's blog. He posted your question. I like your blog. Feel free to hop on mine sometime.

    Have a great day and awesome job!

  6. Dude, you're killing it! Sorry I haven't dropped in since the first time I commented. But you are rocking it! Nice work on the loss!!

  7. Nice! Keep pushing - don't settle for 2 pounds a week. Keep doing 3 or 4 so you'll get there.

    Keep a monthly goal for weight.

    Those inches blew my mind. That seems WAY more important than weight.

  8. Way to go, man! This is awesome, Andrew!!