Monday, May 31, 2010

Weigh-In Results

I've totally neglected my blog this week.  That's not all I've neglected.  I've been trying to achieve a better balance between my weight loss and my life with results you'll see shortly.

Let's get on with the public shaming.
Crap.  I gained 7.3 pounds since my last weigh in.  Here's a breakdown of what happened:

I ate a lot this week.  A lot.  Tuesday we made chicken parmigiana for a friend.  Wednesday, I ate at two potlucks.  Friday we went to my aunt and uncle's house.  We had some incredibly delicious Thai chicken burgers.  Saturday, I went to a friend's birthday party.  It was a barbecue.  Sunday and today were a Memorial Day celebration.  Everybody brought incredible food.  I didn't get drunk or anything, but I had more beers this weekend than I have had in total since I started my blog.

I didn't drink water.  I had pop instead (though it was diet).

I missed four days of exercise.  Gross.

Alright.  That's what happened.  On top of all of that, I'm pretty sure I was dehydrated at the last weigh in.

I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm trying to lay out why I gained 7.3 pounds this week.  I'm going to hit it hard this week.  Let's see what happens.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special "End of the May Push Weigh In".  There's a part of me that hopes I gained a lot of water weight over the weekend.  Maybe we'll see that tomorrow.

I'm still going to do this.  100 Pounds in a Year is still within reach.